Athena's Path

Athena is a comfortable vessel that enjoys her travels throughout the Caribbean and the Northeast

Athena's Plans

Athena will be both racing and cruising in the Caribbean and the Northeast over the coming years.  She is not just a pretty boat - she has some 'go' in her.  She will be racing this year's Marion to Bermuda before returning to SWH, Me in early July.

Athena's Purpose

Athena is more than a sailing vessel.  We use her to discover places in ourselves and in others. She is part of a legacy of sailing in her owner's family that has been passed from father to daughter.  We love to share her whether through racing or cruising.

Welcome to Athena


This is a warm, comfortable and capable sailing vessel.  Built to withstand the rigors of the North Atlantic, this boat also can host those who want to enjoy a calm, relaxed sailing experience.

She is professionally maintained by one of the premier yacht management firms, B&G Yacht Management.

Her home port is Southwest Harbor, ME, where she spends her summers.  During the winter, she calls the Caribbean home, either in the British Virgin Islands or Antigua.

Photography by Jill Jinks